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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


How tempting it is just to hear the word “CHOCOLATES”...and the mouth starts watering.You can recall all the chocolate cakes,choco chip candies and bars,chocolate ice-cream,and whole lot of chocolate recipies.Eating chocolates have always been a rage.As a kid it was just wonderful getting them from relatives or friends as a gift.I had oscillated this love of eating chocolates into making them.It had always been in mind to do it professionally but been occupied with so many other things,never had the time and energy left.But now I am all geared up and energised to take it a long way.

No better time to start it now as the festive season is around.Best ever gift idea for family,friends and your dear ones on all occassions.
So here i present to you Happy Feet CHOCOLATE HOME.
Loads and varieties of chocolates.Gift packs and assorted ones.Ready for bulk orders for offices and parties.As return gifts and giveaways.Anywhere and everywhere.Just order!!
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Being Mindful

We all want to be happy, but sometimes we hold ourselves back from that possibility. It can be a sad, but unbinding truth. We all have that voice inside our head; you know the one I’m talking about. And sometimes we listen even when we know we shouldn’t.Sometimes that inner voice may give you a negative thought,shouting inside,”you are a failure,good for nothing,just give up……..blah blah blah”. When you ignore this voice, you realize that it is not the voice inside your head. This voice is just a mental noise going off constantly.The turning point comes when you decide to listen closely and take action. This listening helps you to become mindful of yourself. Start practicing a few habits each day to see how it would affect, impact, or benefit.
First of all stop criticising yourself.Stop missing what you don’t have and be happy with whatever is with you,thats more than enough.Appreciate yourself by saying “Ï love you” or “I am my favourite” frequently to yourself.
You deserve your own love so treat yourself with kindness.Just be yourself and stop trying to control everything,even your emotions.If you are sad,then be sad.If you are uncomfortable then be uncomfortable.Don’t try and show or act that you are always normal or without  emotions.
Meditate and breathe.It will help dissolve the negative voice inside you.Focus on inhale and let go the exhale.Try these thigs and they will work wonders for you.
No matter what’s going in your life, you always have a choice.You can react (usually unconsciously with same old negative results) or you can act consciously and get more of the things you want in life.

You can change your life today.Magic happens when you learn how to choose better feelings.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Read to GROW

“The more you read,the more things you will know,
the more you learn,the more places you’ll go”.-Dr.Seuss

Reading may be hard for some people but it can be developed into a habit.It is never too late to start reading and widen your daily horizons.Remember that good book makes good read.Books are one’s real friend,they help you to cultivate a feeling of satisfaction.If reading is not you have done till now,it is never late to start.Reading can be developed into a habit easily.

Anything that you would like to read can be a starting.You can begin with a newspaper,magazine or a story book.To start developing interest in reading you can take up a comic book or short stories.Reading can be anything and everything.

15 minutes a day.Yes,just 10-15 minutes a day and its enough for the beginners.Make a point to read at a particular time of the day,like,in the afternoon or after a nap,before sleeping or time that suits you.Stick to that routine of reading at your chosen time.

You can carry a book always with you,so if there is a waiting time,or a queue,or in a bus,anywhere you can just open the book and indulge in your world.

Join a library.This will help you find more books and understand the type of books you may be interested in reading.Joining a library will also make new friends with the same interest and people you can discuss about reading.

Try to read carefully each word and understand what you are reading.Always make sure to mark or underline difficult words and look for their meanings later.Consult a dictionary.
Make a list of books you read and to be read.

Make your reading time pleasurable.Do not read for the heck of it or under pressure of reading.It is not a compulsion but a choice.

Gradually increase your reading time from 15 minutes to half an hour or one hour.Find more time and different things to read.Keep books handy and easily available like near your bedside or in the drawing room.So you can grab a book whenever you wish to read.

Last but most important,reading will help you to broaden your worldview,make you aware of different authors,will enhance your knowledge and make you smarter.Always be positive before reading and tell yourself “I am going to enjoy this”.


P.S. the above article is written on demand for students to inculcate reading as a habit.For the students of MINDFUL ACADEMY

Monday, August 25, 2014


WOW!!! What a day.First I must say that this is an absolutely "Amazing" place that they have built...everything about the place is fantastic, the ambiance, the rides, the restaurants and the fun...just Amazing. Congratulations to Mr.Manmohan Shetty and family for setting up this theme park.

We started early on 22nd August at 8:00 am.Its was an office trip with a large group of 30 people.We had the benefit of pre-booked tickets and a shuttle service(included in the package)from pune.Reliving the college days with singing out loud and dancing on numbers throughout the journey.We reached there in around two hours,including a break midway for refreshments.One look from the front and you would think that Adlabs Imagica is quite small and hardly your half day is going to be passed in enjoying it to its fullest but once you enter it’s majestic world, you  lose track of time and  yearn for it to go on forever………..

The last time, I went to an amusement park was around 15 years ago,and there, I was barred from sitting on rides due to my stunted height. Well, this time around it was different. In order to fill up the adventure void, I had to try all the 26 rides at India’s own Disneyland.

Located near the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Adlabs Imagica is India’s answer to Disneyland. Built at an expensive cost of Rs 1,600 crore, Manmohan Shetty’s magnificent prairie-like theme park excels expectations. The entire park is divided into zones like Arabia, Asiana, Americana, Jambo Africa and Viva Europa. The adult rides are not for faint-hearted, and are very high on the ‘heart in your mouth’ quotient. Thrill seekers(like me)definitely got the dose of adventure on rides like Nitro, Scream, Deep Space, Dare 2 Drop, and Gold Rush Express.The food here is expensive, and you are not allowed to get in the outside food. But, then who goes to an amusement park to eat right? Also, the view during the night is breathtaking when the lights are on.Everybody had a very thrilling experience, even after a day still we had a hang-over of the rides


P.S. Thank you to Mr.Ayush Jain(CEO) and Mr.Pravin Uttarwar(CTO) Mindbowser Info Solutions Pvt Ltd ( for organising this fun trip which truly acted as a stress-buster for the all.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Celebrating Red Day

A Red Day!!!!  whatt???!!!! yes, you read it right.Ohh,its not a national day or a holiday….just celebrated at my home today.(see pics).
Everyday I wake up, I have some plans for the day ahead……....usually I do.And with me, also wakes up my SHIN CHAN, the little devil(anika).Even she has some plans for the day…..but the main target is her poor mom or call it a supermom.

“So today, when I (ANIKA) woke up,and saw mumma(me) with almost work done and a smile on her face, which said “mission accomplished” I thought of a new play never played before.Let me play with the food colour that I saw the other day,kept in the kitchen drawer.And here we go..1..2..3…”

No worries dear, mumma is ready to play and capture moments to be cherished later.
And so we printed hand and foot on a sheet , made red aatta (flour),ate red chapati (Indian bread) and had whole loads of fun.So what if I had to do the mopping and cleaning floor again….or wash more clothes than usual….or even re-do the kitchen thing.

We made memories.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Love the LEMONS...

Why do life gives us lemons  and not oranges or apples???....or mangoes??? It would be easy to make fruit juices or smoothies.May be lemons are fine too, because they are expensive these days.You can dry them out and make pickles.No,don’t worry, I am not discussing about the price and the tastes of fruits and veggies.

Its about the hardships and the difficult times in our lives.At some point of time we all have faced challenges,difficult situations created by someone or as gift from life or misfortunes.We lose hope,fail and regret things.What can be done about such situations……..nothing much but nothing less too!!

While hardships are hard to deal with,they all have the tendency to work out in the end.Make every “bad” thing as an opportunity to change,grow and learn.Nothing remains forever,not even the “good”.You can’t be always eating desserts and chocolates in life.

Think about it…..why measure your life by Lemons??
Instead,lift a glass and toast it looking on the bright side.Take the lemon moment….reminding yourself that it’s possible to make lemonade from the sour times.Offer comfort,care and love to yourself. Rebounce and say I am happy even though am having difficult times.Reassurance and confidence is important…..and then lots of chocolates,stupid movie,crazy friends,night outs,party,drink or whatever makes you chill.When everything turns out super and life starts giving you apples then ask…..…..oye!!!what happened to the lemons?????

The old optimistic proverb is “when life gives you lemons,make lemonade”
So what would your saucy,funny,or pungent line be????????? share and complete the phrase………………..
“when life gives you lemon…………….”


Friday, August 15, 2014

Celebrating Independence Day

Wearing the tri color,singing patriotic songs,flag flying high on buildings ,the day has been and always will be a special one for all the Indians.Our PM Mr.Modi’s speech was substantive,well to stress on unity and national goals,covering issues about women and poverty.

Today we celebrated this day in our society.I dressed up Ashita and Anika for the celebration(pictures attached).Both participated in the cultural activities.Ashita proudly said the Indian Pledge and Anika dressed up as Chacha Nehru.Whatever we put the effort in,as a mother I feel proud and glad.

Recalling my school days I remember celebrating Independence day.It was like the most-hyped-festival for us( the so called festival).Ours was a girls school and we waited for this Day as we were supposed to join in the celebration with our neighbouring school which was a boys school.I know all my school friends reading this will actually be able to relate this and recollect the fun and masti we did.It was the most important day to attend school.(all those smiles,giggles and wink wink for my friends :) :) ;);) ).

Today, I think independent India will really come into being when it is free of corruption, its people feel safe and secure and the day poverty is eradicated, India will truly be independent.I feel very proud to be an Indian and the freedom that we enjoy in our democracy. Wishing my friends and readers a

great Independence Day and hope that we work towards making a greater and stronger India.

Happy Independence Day to all


Thursday, August 14, 2014


How many of us remember as a child, eating the worst things in our plate first and saving the best for the last.May be you can see your kids doing that.
Or saving the last chocolate which sometimes you don’t get to eat because you brother or sister finds out first where you hide it.
Or that candy ice-cream that you hold in your hand waiting for your friend to finish hers first,eventually yours melting.

Sometimes you have to lose something before actually appreciating it’s worth.It is sad...but true!!
Every time I am thinking what i have lost,I remind myself of what I have… two beautiful daughters...I  am missing on that very moment thinking about the past.
We forget to live in the present.All moments are so precious, only if we choose to see them as such.
We never realize that just being together and being alive is reason enough to celebrate.Most of us keep waiting for the special moment when things will begin to feel special.We keep happiness on hold in anticipation of a better tomorrow.Why not make every moment…..why not rejoice the moment of life and stay prepared for the moment of death….which is obvious but the time is undecided.

How often do we tell our parents,partner or children that we love them and are thankful to them for being in our lives.We don’t make them feel important everyday but wait for special occasions to come like birthdays,anniversaries,etc,etc.We have to enjoy life everyday and not on special occasions.
Call a friend you have been wanting to talking to from a long time…..wear your favourite clothes today…...treat yourself with something nice today…..may be your favourite dessert,a spa or a glass of wine.  ;) :)
I have started to take the best part or pieces first and do not wait anymore for the future.You never know where you’ll be tomorrow.Don’t save the best for the last which may never come.Live in the moment.

Enjoy the long weekend.(15th -18th august 2014)


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LIFE......As it goes on!!!!

After the tragic incidence in my life,many times i sat down with my mind full of thoughts to pen down......but as soon as i started writing i felt a storm of emotions,good enough for failing to write.
But finally i have braved and i am here,writing once again.

Just like that,on a rainy morning,after sending ashita to school,feeling low and remembering how it was until last year,everything happy and joyful....

Today again the weather is the same,even the rains and its smell but life has changed beyond imagination.
You never know how much you really believe anything until its the truth and infront of you.

It will be almost nine months now when ASHISH left us.His sudden demise was a shock wave for me with two little kids.Life has taught me how to live and move ahead as there was no option for looking back.
Keeping myself on track and taking care of the kids,giving them what they deserve is the only aim in life.Now playing the dual role of a mother as well as a father its more important to gather strength,stamina and power to move forward and plan a new journey.....which begins now.
As they goes on.....!!!

One more thing that i am trying to get back once again is my love for drawings or say making charts and posters.I did a lot in my college days and haven't much lately so i thought why not.Now just hope i dont fail of this bandwagon.

Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Office parties are increasingly becoming the venue for pitting the working mother against her stay-at-home sister.Whether you are there in your own right or as your partner’s guest,maternal chit-chat is bound to have you questioning your decision.Office parties are much easier for working mothers to handle as they are on their own territory among colleagues and find it that much easier to talk about home as well as work.But the full-time mother who is there courtesy her partner,has probably just made after coping with the child’s tantrum or dropping her father at the hospital and feels a little insecure among people who are at best acquaintances.

If you are a working mother you wonder if your children are alright on their own and the guilt leaves you doubting yourself.But you know you are the kind of mother who would never have been happy without a job.And you console yourself with the thought that because you are working,you are a happier mother when you are with the children.

On the other hand a woman who is not working outside the home may feel inadequate about not working as well as running a home and looking after children.Once you are happy with the choice you have made,it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.You are no longer defensive about your full time mum status and revel in dispelling the notion that all stay-at-home mums do is have their hair done and attend kitty-parties.Full-time mums are the ones who are hard pressed for time,juggling all kinds of chores that working mothers have long delegated to others.Either way for most mothers, experience brings confidence and security and happiness in the choice they have made ----- HOPEFULLY!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Delicious and Nutritious Family Meals - 3

Another lovely meal for you and your family.All the recipes are enriched with vitamins,minerals and energy.These are so much time saving and you can enjoy a healthy delicious meal with family spending some quality time with them.

200gms potatoes; 100 gms whole baby sweetcorns; 100gms French beans; 20 gms butter

Cook the halved potatoes in lightly salted water for 7-8 minutes,then add the baby sweetcorn and French beans and cook for a further 7-8 minutes or until the vegetables are tender.Toss in butter before seving.

Goodness quotient : This interesting combination of vegetables provide a lot of vitamins and minerals.Potatoes are rich sources of starch and potassium,which are very good for the heart.

3OOgms macaroni; olive oil; 2 large capsicums,deseeded and diced; 3 tomatoes,diced; salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.

Cook macaroni according to package instructions in boiling salted water.Drain.Heat some olive oil or any other cooking oil and add the tomatoes.Cook for a minute  or two,then add the capsicum.Cover and cook for a few minutes till the capsicum is soft,add seasoning and then toss in the macaroni.Mix well and serve hot.

Goodness quotient : A carbohydrate-rich dish,which is enriched with beta carotene and vitamin C.

4 apples,cored; 120ml apple juice or water; 2 tbsp raisins; a little powdered cinnamon; 1 tbsp honey; a little butter or margarine.

Prick the skins of the apples with a fork to prevent them from bursting.Put 1 tbsp raisins into the centre of each apple,sprinkle with cinnamon and pour honey or maple syrup over them.Put them in an ovenproof dish and pour the apple juice or water around the base.Top each with a little butter.Bake in an oven pre-heated to 180 degrees C for about 45 minutes.

Goodness quotient : This recipe is a good source of edible fibre,good for diabetic patients in the family.Despite all the sugar in the dish,this is one dessert that the patient can enjoy a small helping of.It also provides vital calcium and potassium to everyone else.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Girl Who Did Not Talk

There was this little girl who at six months gurgled and drooled and made lovely baby sounds.As the days went by and she turned one year old the babies next door,and her mother’s friends’ babies all started saying words : Mama,biscuit,doggie,bow-wow.But this little girl continued to chuckle and chuckle but not a word!

Mother and Father grew anxious.Took little baby to the paediatrician.The doctor checked her nose,her eyes,her ears,her mouth and exclaimed,”she is perfectly alright,she will talk.”Days grew into weeks,into months and the little baby was now a year and a half.Parents again went to see the doctor.The doctor again checked her nose,her eyes,her ears,her mouth and exclaimed,”Be patient,the baby is perfectly okay and she will talk.”

Baby was walking,making noises,making herself understood,but not talking.Now she was two years old and the parents were getting tense and worried.Baby used to visit the grocer with her mother and the grocer was a kind man who always gave her a banana.One fine morning as they drove by the grocer’s shop,suddenly baby sang out,”I love banana,I want banana.”Father was stunned,mother almost fainted with happiness.”She is talking! She is talking!”And now we wish she would stop talking!

This little baby is ASHITA,my darling.Now three and half year old.A full-time story-teller,making her own description of new goings-on.She is a chatter-box and we just love her a lot.!!!!!!!!!!
This song actually shows how I experience to be her proud mom……


We were as one babe
For a moment in time
And it seemed everlasting
That you would always be mine

Now you want to be free
So I'm letting you fly
Cause I know in my heart babe
Our love will never die!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Foods and Fads: DELICIOUS FAMILY MEALS - 2: "Here is another fun-filled cooking day for you with easy to make and healthy recipes.I bet you are going to love them. WHOLE TOMATOES IN..."


Here is another fun-filled cooking day for you with easy to make and healthy recipes.I bet you are going to love them.

8 firm tomatoes; 8 tsp red wine; salt and pepper;lettuce leaves to serve if desired.

Cut 8 large squares of double thick foil.Cup each tomato in foil but do not completely enclose.Pour over one teaspoon of wine and season to taste with salt and pepper.Mould foil around tomatoes securely to prevent juices escaping.Cook these packages in a moderate oven for about 10 minutes.Unwrap and transfer to serving plates,spooning wine-flavoured juices over tomatoes.Serve on a bed of lettuce leaves.

Goodness Quotient : Flavoured tomatoes with wine are good source of beta carotene and vitamin C.Red wine is also good for the heart.

500 gms potatoes,peeled and diced; 250 gm sprouts; salt and freshly ground black pepper; large knob of butter; good pinch freshly grated nutmeg; 50gm cheese,grated

Cook the potatoes in boiling salted water for about 15 minutes until tender.Drain,then mash with the sprouts,seasoning,butter and nutmeg to taste.Spoon into a heatproof dish,sprinkle with cheese and grill.

Goodness quotient : A nutritious snack for children.This dish provides protein,energy,fat,calcium and a good amount of B complex and vitamin C.

350 gms carrots; salt and freshly ground pepper to taste; 20 gms butter

Scrape or peel 350 gms of carrots and cut into fingers.Steam for about 10 to 15 minutes until they are just tender.Then add seasonings and butter to taste.

Goodness quotient : A nutritious finger food for all,which provides beta carotene and fat.


Monday, June 27, 2011


The latest trend amongst families,new mothers and mommies is Mall Walking. This is not another fitness mania but actually a convenient way to get some cardio activity and reduce weight.
There may not be many benefits about walking in the mall,but less harm while you spend some family time there.
You can walk in any weather: With mall walking, you can never have the heat, rain, snow or the wind as an excuse for not exercising. Since the temperatures in malls are controlled, you have a perfect climate all year through.Walking 30 minutes or more is the best exercise to reduce weight.

Safety: Since you are walking inside the mall, you don’t have to worry about getting mugged, teased or even hit by traffic.

Clean and pollution free environment: You don’t have to jump over puddles, or try to avoid stepping on dog poop or worry about your allergies acting up due to pollution.

No cost: Unlike gyms, the malls won’t charge you for walking-so that means you won’t be paying a hefty membership or monthly charges.

How to get started?
As for any exercise routine, ask your doctor or health care provider if you are fit for walking.

Invest in some comfortable workout clothes-even though it’s the hippest mall around, you can’t be exercising in your skinny jeans.

Put on your walking/exercise shoes as again stilettos are a strict no-no for exercising.

Start with 10-15 minutes of walking at a pace that you are comfortable and then after a couple of days increase the pace and the duration.

Get a walking buddy (or partner) to keep you both motivated. A walk buddy is effective in achieving your goals to reduce weight.

What are the disadvantages?
It could be heavy on your pocket-the main reasons why mall owners are happy about letting you use the mall! Walking by the displays in the shops could make your wallet lighter even if you aren’t a shopaholic!

If you get tempted by the aromas from the food court, you could be getting in more calories than you burnt! The solution to this would be to walk without your wallet or just get minimum cash (just in case of emergencies).

Money is a great motivator and everyone wants to get their money’s worth. Mall walking is free, so you need to motivate yourself to exercise.

Since the surface is hard, make sure you are wearing good shock absorbing shoes to protect your joints.

So this summer, don’t let the heat bother you too much-just slip on your walking shoes and go ‘mall walking’.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011



Have light food
If you plan to eat out in the evening,then make sure your lunch is full of salads and vegetables.Have lots of water throughout the day.Just in case,eating out was not planned before hand,don’t worry!you can always order for a light dinner which may include salads,soups,diet drinks,etc.

Enjoy the company you are in.Let it be your spouse ,your kids,your family,or friends talk to them,remember old days,be more interactive and show your skills not by eating but being the attraction to all.

Avoid ordering menu items with thick gravies.This will definitely add on extra calories and if you are a foodie you might end up eating more portions.

Always remember to start your meals with volume,water,diet drinks,raw vegetables salads or clear soups.

Mind your P’s and S’s

P – planning
P – portion size
P – pace yourself
S – sugar
S – sodium

Planning your meal before hand is always helpful.If you know where you will be eating,you can plan the menu or keep in mind the low calorie choices.
Portion size does matter.Instead of filling the stomach with one kind of food,take small portions of different foods.
Keep a slow pace while eating.The mind takes 15-20 minutes to understand and realize the eating process.Give a gap of atleast 15 minutes for ordering the main course or other dishes.Again the same applies here “eat less,talk more”.Eating should not be the sole aim to go out and spend time.
Check your sugar and sodium contents of meal.Too many sweets and desserts or very fried and spicy dishes are not good for health.

Follow ups after eating out

Neutralise your junk food with antioxidants like fruits and vegetables.
Detoxify yourself once in 15 days.
Make water an important part of your daily eating for optimal health and maximum energy.
Alcohol and tobacco spoil the quality of your LIFE.
Exercise is not a choice – IT’S A MUST!!!
Brisk walking 30 minutes a day for 5 days will improve fitness.